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Driven by passion and love of fine leather, this family owned business has been hand making shoes and accessories in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada for over 35 years. Julio and Estrella Sanchez first opened their store at West Edmonton Mall in 1985 and has been supported by many local businesses and artists such as Gravity Pope, Mr. Derk, Indochino, Western Fashion Week, Snowflake, and Michael Godard ever since. With the help of their only 2 children, what started off as a boutique of leather creations and cobbling store is now a prestigious shoe making store adorned with a library of luxury hand made men’s shoes. Their son, Rodrigo attributes his professional training of shoe design from the Arsutoria School in Milan, Italy to innovatively combine ancient and contemporary Italian design techniques. Romina applies her international entrepreneur business skills from their native Chile. Every aspect of this business focuses on style, quality and comfort. Only durable high-quality materials and equipment, found both locally and abroad, are used to make many classic and unique dress shoe styles that will last years.

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The store was named Rucallen Shoe Repair. We chose the name Rucallen which comes from the word Ruca where, in Chile, means house. Keeping our roots, In September of 2017, we changed the name to Custom Shoes By Zapato Sanchez which initiated the focus to the shoemaking service.

We would like to begin with the opening of our store in West Edmonton Mall in 1985 in what was once called the marketplace. Here we were amongst many growing small businesses.
1986 Started to earn a reputation for leather craft making by exhibiting shoes and accessories at Gravity Pope, Snowflake in Banff and various exhibitions throughout the city such as the Folk Festival.
2014 Rodrigo Sanchez graduates and applies his professional training derived from Ars Sutoria School of design in Milan, Italy to create shoe designs that would innovate the Canadian market.
2017 In September, the store officially changes its name to Custom Shoes By Zapato Sanchez. This initiated the focus to exclusively offer custom made high quality men’s footwear.
In 2019 we Introduced the retail line of men’s shoes.

Past History

Celebrity Appearances

Michael Godard is known as the explosive “Rockstar of the Art World” and global top selling artist. The unique star stitched Estrello shoe design was created to reflect his life of stardom. His admirable artistic talent and love for life is truly an inspiration.


Fellow Canadian model & TV personality Daniel Maguire, lives life to the fullest. His style and fine taste is a perfect fit for Zapato Sanchez’s El Capo shoe design.

Custom Shoes By Zapato Sanchez 2019-04-24 A
Past History

Recent Articles

Below is an article, one of many written of our history and progress in the shoe industry. We are now working on creating lines of shoes, wallets and belts that the customer can purchase off the shelf.

Past History

Runway & Fashion Shows

Zapato Sanchez collaborates with both Mr. Derk and Indochino when walking down the runways of Western Canada Fashion Week, West Edmonton Mall fashion shows, bridal shows hosted by Hotel MacDonald and others.